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A FITTING Memorial for a Lasting Tribute

A memorial should be a lasting symbol of remembrance and a tribute to a loved one. We have a large selection of memorials in our showroom in Frome and can help and advise you to make the appropriate choices for your loved one's memorial, to best remember them and their life. All new memorials feature memorial insurance, which can be extended.

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"Pride of production is the stimulus of true craftsmanship"

With our own fully equipped, modern workshop that utilises the very latest machinery, we produce various memorials in numerous finishes from a wide range of materials. All work completed to the highest standard, we provide you with a drawing of your chosen memorial for approval prior to any work being undertaken. Some of the more common memorial finishes include:

  • White Marble
    This is probably the best known material for memorials. It is quarried in Italy and imported. Now not permitted in churchyards, it can still be used in cemeteries.
  • Nabresina Marble
    An off-white coloured marble often with pinkish markings, it is also quarried in Italy and imported. This material is permitted in churchyards and cemeteries.
  • Portland and Purbeck
    This stone is quarried in Dorset and cream in colour. It is permitted in all churchyards and cemeteries, and is particularly suitable for the more 'rural' churchyards.
  • Granite
    Some granite, such as Cornish granite, is still quarried in this country. However, most are imported from other parts of the world including India and Africa. There are various colours such as black, grey, red, blue, green, and other new colours which come from the East such as China. As a general rule, only non-polished granite is permitted in Churchyards.

Inscription letters

The type of material used for the memorial will determine the type of inscription letter used. Engraved letters finished with coloured enamel or gold leaf is the most popular and also long-lasting. Inlaid leaded letters can be used on white or nabresina marble and raised leaded letters on the granites.

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Memorial costs and fees

The overall cost of the memorial is based on these things: the memorial itself, the inscription, any design work, and finally, the fee payable to the church or cemetery authority. We can deal with all these formalities on your behalf.

Memorial insurance

All new memorials that we supply are covered by fully comprehensive insurance for five years, free of charge. You can extend this coverage if you wish after this time.

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Workshop and Showroom is located at 1 Handlemaker Road, Frome, BA11 4RW