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The Funeral Service

With highly professional, sensitive, and respectful staff, you can rest assured that your enquiry will be taken with complete confidentiality. We give you a helping hand when it comes to arranging floral tributes, obituary notices, and transport as part of our comprehensive funeral planning services.

Coffins and Urns

From the traditional wooden coffins to more unusual options such as willow, banana leaf, or cardboard, we offer a variety of options including caskets and urns. Coffins can also include unique paintings and designs, helping you to personalise the funeral service further.

Special gestures

Some people also like to place items or mementos in the coffin with their loved ones such as letters or photos. You may want to include something that reflects a favourite pastime of your loved one, like a book, sports shirt, or dance shoes.

Music and Hymns

Advising on all aspects of music for the funeral service, we make the necessary arrangements for you. During their life, many people say that they have a song that they want played at their funeral and the choice of music played at a funeral can add a personal touch to the service.

It is becoming more and more popular for recorded music to be played at a funeral instead of, or in addition to, more traditional hymns and organ music. Live music and instrumental soloists may also be requested, such as a piper or a brass band.

Possible restrictions

If the funeral service is being held in a church, there may be restrictions where ministers will only allow traditional music and hymns. Most crematoria have large collections of all types of music. You can also provide your own music on CD if you wish.

Fully equipped facilities

Our local crematoria all have the Wesley Media system installed. This provides an excellent selection of pre-recorded hymns and music available for services. If you prefer to have a more traditional service, then an organist can be provided.

A list of our local Crematoria is shown below:

  • Haycombe Crematorium, Bath: 01225 396020
  • Mendip Crematorium, Shepton Mallet: 01749 340930
  • West Wiltshire Crematorium, Semington: 01380 871101
  • Yeovil Crematorium, Yeovil: 01935 476718

Poems, Readings, and Eulogies

A friend or relative may wish to say a few words during the service about the person who has died. This is called a eulogy. They can prepare this themselves, or they may prefer to read a favourite poem. Giving a eulogy is a way of saying farewell to a loved one.

Obituary Notices

As dedicated funeral directors, we can help with the compilation and insertion of death announcements and acknowledgements in the local and/or national newspapers. Some may dictate the length, format, and style of the announcement, and we advise you appropriately along with an indication of the likely cost.


With access to a fleet of vehicles to meet your exact requirements, there are a wide range of transport options available. The usual choice of vehicle is the motorised hearse, followed by a number of limousines of your choice to transport close friends and family to and from the ceremony. However, other types of funeral transport are available, ranging from a horse-drawn hearse, a motorcycle hearse, or even a vintage lorry.

Coffin Bearers

You will need to decide who will carry the coffin during the funeral service. This can be friends or relatives of the deceased if you wish or, of course, we can provide bearers to carry your loved one's coffin.

Floral tributes

Flowers are associated with a funeral as a way of paying tribute to a loved one and expressing sympathy to the deceased's family and friends. There is a wide range of different funeral flower arrangements and you can choose specific types of flowers or colours.

Arranging flowers

A selection of various arrangements are available, including bespoke designs, bouquets, and specialist tributes. Our professionals can assist you with the ordering of the funeral flowers, along with recording or collecting the card messages for you.

Charitable donations

Many people choose charitable donations in lieu of flowers. If you are unsure about who to choose, you can donate money to more than one charity.

Order of Service sheets

These set out the order of the funeral service and can also include a few words about the deceased and photographs of them, or an image of something of significance to them. Many people like to keep the service sheets after the funeral service as a keepsake or to send them to those who were not able to attend.

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