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Available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, please contact with Curtis Ilott Funerals if you require a bespoke, highly experienced funeral director. 

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Taking Care of Every Detail

For a funeral director that offers a compassionate, professional service, get in contact with Curtis Ilott Funerals. With over four decades of combined experience in serving the local community, we are capable of arranging funerals that are reflective of the wishes of the individual as well as family and friends. Whether you want a direct cremation or a traditional funeral service, our staff are on hand to help you with all funeral considerations in a bespoke, attentive manner.

We view our profession as a vocation, not a job, and take enormous privilege in being entrusted as the ones to take your loved one on their final journey. No requests are too big or small for us; our priority is to always carry out all funerals with the utmost dignity and eye for detail. If needed, we can come to your home and personally give expert advice on cremations, burials, coffins, transport and funeral flower arrangements. Alternatively, our offices in Frome and Coleford are open for you to visit at any time.



Order of Service Sheets

We can provide printed 'order of service' sheets for the funeral service designed to suit your wishes. These often include a few words about the deceased along with a photograph. Such items are very popular, as they provide funeral attendees with a keepsake and serve as an important token to those who could not attend the service. Other items are also available for family and friends to take away from the service.

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Transport for the Funeral Service

We have our own fleet of vehicles that will meet your transport needs, with the usual choice being a motorised hearse, sometimes followed by a limousine to transport family to and from the ceremony. We can also provide other forms of funeral transport if required from horse-drawn hearses to a motorcycle hearse, flat bed lorry or even a red London bus.



Visiting at the Chapel of Rest

This option enables people to pay their final respects to the deceased in person. Some find it comforting to bring a small gift or photograph to put in the coffin, although others find it too upsetting to see someone that loved who has passed away. This is a very personal decision and we will help facilitate your wishes in any way that we can.




Coffins and Urns

We can provide a broad range of coffins and urns, supplying traditional wooden coffins as well as more unusual willow, banana leaf or cardboard coffins. You can also include paintings or designs in order to further personalise the coffin. You can also provide letters, photos or other mementos such as a book to place in the coffin.

All of our coffins and urns are supplied from where you can find and entire range of coffins, caskets scattering containers and keepsakes 




We also provide a monument service from our monumental masonry working with granite, marble and stone.

We also provide an expert monument renovation service to restore older or damaged monuments.

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Music and Hymns

We can make all of the necessary arrangements regarding music for the funeral service. During their life, many people identify the song that they want to be played at their funeral. Playing this song adds a distinctly personal touch to the service. Live music and instrumental soloists, perhaps playing an instrument or song of sentimental value, can also be arranged by us.

It is also becoming more commonplace for recorded music to be played at a funeral service instead of traditional hymns and organ music. We can assist and advise on your choice of music, although please note that some churches or places of worship may only allow for traditional music and hymns to be played.

Funeral Directors in Frome and coleford



Funerals organised in Frome and Coleford

Poems Reading and Eulogies

Having a friend or relative say a few words during a service about the deceased - known as a eulogy - is considered an important part of most funeral services. You can prepare the eulogy yourself, or you could recite a favourite poem or other reading. This is a way of saying farewell to the person who has died.

Funeral flower arrangements in Frome and Coleford

Funeral Flower Arrangements

There is a wide variety of funeral flower arrangements that can be made to suit your preferences. You can pick specific flower types or colours, or we can show you the different types of arrangements available from bespoke designs, coffin sprays, sympathy sprays to wreaths and bouquets. We are on hand to order funeral flowers along with recording or collecting card messages.


Funeral charitable donations in frome and coleford

Charitable Donations

Instead of funeral flower arrangements, many people like to make charitable donations. We have connections to many local charities and can advise if you are unsure who to choose. You can also donate to more than one charity if you prefer. 

Coffin Bearers in Frome and Somerset

Coffin Bearers

You may wish to ask family members or friends of the deceased to help carry the coffin during the funeral service. However, if preferred, we will always provide bearers to carry your loved one’s coffin at the ceremony.



Obituary Notices

We can assist with the compilation and insertion of death announcements and acknowledgements in local or national newspapers. Some may dictate the length,
format and style of the content. We can help you compile the obituary that you want and provide an indication regarding the cost of the announcement.